The Rise of the MLM Hunbot



The Rise of the MLM Hunbot


Typically a young to middle aged mother who proclaims to have her own business but actually fell prey to multi-level marketing schemes. The hunbot can often be seen trying to sell their wares to other unsuspecting ladies on social media by luring them in with frequent use of the word hun.

As moms who basically post a lot about our families, I’m sure we’ve all been followed (and unfollowed) by the mythological creature the internet calls the Hunbot. You know, the mom who is “blessed to work from home”, a ”boss babe”, an “entrepreneur”, and a “business owner”.

While there are so many superwomen out there who are amazingly balancing families with budding legitimate businesses, the Hunbot is actually an uncertified or unlicensed individual who followed you in the hopes of selling you their essential oil, fitness motivation (lol), life coach services, weight loss, or skincare items that are bound to change your life! Another perk of you being randomly selected by the bot is the offer to join their business, they’re always looking for just “three more moms” to join the “community”.

One day you’re happily posting pictures of your cute baby, then @fitbabemomof12 follows you, not long afterwards you get a direct message saying something like “Hey hun! I love your page!!!, If you have a moment I would love to talk to you about an opportunity I think you’d be just perfect for!!!!” OR “Hey girl, cute family, i’d love to get to know more about you. Me? I’m a mom of 12 and super into (insert what they’re trying to sell you). My team and I are looking for a few more boss babes to join our community, would you be interested? I really also love the short but sweet. “Hey hun can I tell you about my new amazing business opportunity?”

While it’s tempting to make money without even getting out of bed (ha), have uncapped income potential (double ha), and possibly break away from the reigns of being a “wage slave” (their words, not mine). Maybe my family and I would be better off with the fantastic benefits my job offers such as a 401k, top of the line life, disability, vision, dental and health insurance or maybe it might be best to peddle snake oil and spam my friends, family and random strangers to death on the internet (and in person). I might get to spend more time cuddling my baby, and what on earth is better than baby cuddles?

Anyway, the moral of the story is, if your sole reason for following me on any social platform is to sell me something or to invite me to join your “tribe” or whatever you call it, do us both a favor and don’t.



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